The West London Meccano Society, founded in 1978, is a premier Meccano club with members in the UK and overseas.

Club members at the London Model Engineering Exhibition

The Meccano hobby is enjoying a renaissance in local clubs, national clubs and the Internet. We hope these pages will be a pleasant reminder of youthful exploits. Whether or not you still have a screwdriver, do join us to marvel at the delights of working Meccano models of every conceivable real-life machine that you have ever seen and more. With the many different clubs around the UK there's at least one club's meeting, or full-blown exhibition, every weekend between February and November. Younger Meccano boys and girls, with the current range of Meccano sets, wishing to meet kindred spirits are particularly welcome to join in the fun. New and second-hand Meccano is always on sale at club events. Meetings are open to members, prospective members and guests.

Just turn up at one of our events — even bring a model!

By the way, winning any prize at the London Model Engineering Exhibition at Alexandra Palace is one thing, but winning it several years in a row, against extreme competition, brings a proud smile to all our faces (above).

Matt Goodman